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Metal Cutting Saw Spares & Consumables

At Friggi America after-sales service is always a priority to us. That is why we try out best to act quickly and efficiently to each request.
To order parts, a simple email request and we get to it.

Friggi America has our own line of cutting mist lubricant, FRILUBE; a superior and eco-friendly product, see below for the specifications of our Lube.
We also carry a wide range of Bandsaw Blades for all our machines. It is our goal to simplify the user experience by providing a one-stop shop environment. If you need advice on spare parts, blades, or our lubricant please contact us.

Hybrid Mist Lube MQL

• Replaces flood coolant
• Non-toxic, non-hazardous, low odor, and operator friendly
• Reduces HSE issues, such as dermatitis
• High flash point, very little smoke and misting
• Excellent lubricity and film strengths
• Contains no chlorine, silicone or sulfur
• Reductions of burrs, oversized holes, and rough finishes

FRILUBE V400 is a moderate to heavy-duty near dry machining fluid, designed to replace flood coolant. V4000 is formulated to be applied using minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) equipment and is formulated utilizing a mixture of synthetic and renewable raw materials. It may be used in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metalworking applications including the more severe operations such as sawing, broaching, and tapping. V4000 is non-staining and requires no cleaning before heat treating.


Appearance (concentrate)          Blue Translucent Liquid
Odor                                                Mild
Density                                            7.1 lbs/gal
pH (20:1 mix with water)               None
Effect of freeze-thaw cycle          Pass
Flash Point                                    450ºF

Use FRILUBE V4000 in its neat form, in spray mist units adjusted to dispense approximately eight (8) ounces per eight (8) hour shift. FRILUBE V4000 can also be applied one drop at a time in drilling and tapping operations.

FRILUBE V4000 is safe to handle in its delivered form. Exercise care consistent with good industrial practices. Adhere to prevailing OSHA safety regulations, guidelines and/or procedures for this class of product. Refer to the FRILUBE V4000 Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information. SDS can be requested by email to info@friggiamerica.com.