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High Speed Bandsaw

Friggi High Speed Bandsaw – VAS L HS

Friggi High Speed Vertical Moving Head  Bandsaw VAS L HS

Friggi Moving Head VAS L HS BandsawThe VAS L HS is a vertical, high-speed bandsaw with a moving head and fixed worktable and automated backguage that is ideal for cutting large aluminum plates. The design and location of the backguage allows for easy ac- cess to the worktable when loading and unloading material either by forklift or overhead crane.

This model has an overall compact and robust design. Thanks to decades of experience in sawing technology and techincal expertise, this machine delivers high-performance with complete ease of operation.


Vertical cutting capacity (mm) 1.200
Throat (mm) 2.000
Head stroke (mm) 4.000
Blade dimension (mm) 13.550x54x1,6
Blade speed ( m/min) 300÷3000
Blade motor power ( Kw ) 54
Weight ( Kg ) 32.000
High speed cutting
Simple to operate
Hard metal blades
Robust and heavy-duty structure ideal for heavy
Rised table support for an easy loading operation
Movable work-gauge with clamping device