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Fully Automatic High Speed Dual Column Bandsaw

Friggi Aluminium Bandsaw 2MF HS

Friggi 2MF High Speed Aluminum Cutting, Dual Column Bandsaw

The Friggi 2MF HS Aluminum cutting bandsaw was launched in 201Friggi America Fully Automatic High Speed Aluminium Bandsaw6, this dual-column, horizontal and fully automatic bandsaw, is designed for high-speed cutting where high volume output is required. It provides leading-edge performance and extreme cutting accuracy even under the toughest conditions. This machine features a hydraulic head feed controlled by a proportional valve and high-speed technology.

This bandsaw is the industry leader in its segment and contains the typical values that FRIGGI stands for; durability, proven performance, incredible accuracy and a low cost per cut.


Cutting capacity (mm) 400×400
Blade dimension (mm) 9.200x34x1,1
Blade speed ( m/min) 300÷3000
Blade motor power ( Kw ) 45
Weight ( Kg ) 9.500
Cutting capacity (mm) 600×600
Blade dimension (mm) 16.776x54x1,6
Blade speed ( m/min) <p300÷3000
Blade motor power ( Kw ) 54
Weight ( Kg ) 12.500
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