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Vertical Bandsaws

Friggi America - High Quality Bandsaws

February 20, 2018

Friggi Large Sawing Machines – VAS OSF ALL

Friggi Large Saws - VAS OSF ALL Decades of experience and research in sawing technology and technical expertise has enabled us to give life to a large sawing machine designed specifically for cutting aluminum plates and aerospace alloys such as titantium, inconel and hastelloy. The sophisticated and robust, rotating blade guide system al- lows you
February 20, 2018

Friggi Heavy Material Bandsaw – GANTRY HS

Friggi GANTRY HS The Gantry features a fixed table and moving head designed for cutting very large, heavy material. This machine allows for vertical, horizontal, and angle cuts without having to move the material; ideal for ingots and forgings as well as large blocks of aluminum. Typical use would be to cut strips from large
February 20, 2018

Friggi Vertical Bandsaw – SV 640 TS

Friggi SV 640 TS Vertical Bandsaw SVTS is a vertical bandsaw with a moving table for use in varying applications; flexibility and simplicity at its best. The material works its way through the saw by way of a moving table that runs along 3 linear way guides, driven by ballscrew and brushless motor. It is