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Aluminium Cutting Bandsaws

Friggi America - High Quality Bandsaws

February 20, 2018

Friggi High Speed Bandsaw – VAS L HS

Friggi High Speed Vertical Moving Head  Bandsaw VAS L HS The VAS L HS is a vertical, high-speed bandsaw with a moving head and fixed worktable and automated backguage that is ideal for cutting large aluminum plates. The design and location of the backguage allows for easy ac- cess to the worktable when loading and
February 20, 2018

Friggi Large Sawing Machines – VAS OSF ALL

Friggi Large Saws - VAS OSF ALL Decades of experience and research in sawing technology and technical expertise has enabled us to give life to a large sawing machine designed specifically for cutting aluminum plates and aerospace alloys such as titantium, inconel and hastelloy. The sophisticated and robust, rotating blade guide system al- lows you
February 20, 2018

Friggi Heavy Material Bandsaw – GANTRY HS

Friggi GANTRY HS The Gantry features a fixed table and moving head designed for cutting very large, heavy material. This machine allows for vertical, horizontal, and angle cuts without having to move the material; ideal for ingots and forgings as well as large blocks of aluminum. Typical use would be to cut strips from large
February 20, 2018

Friggi Vertical Bandsaw – SV 640 TS

Friggi SV 640 TS Vertical Bandsaw SVTS is a vertical bandsaw with a moving table for use in varying applications; flexibility and simplicity at its best. The material works its way through the saw by way of a moving table that runs along 3 linear way guides, driven by ballscrew and brushless motor. It is
February 20, 2018

Friggi Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw – ONL ALL

Friggi ONL ALL Dual Column Bandsaw This dual-column, horizontal and fully automatic bandsaw is designed for cutting solid bars or bundles where high volume output is required. It provides leading-edge performance and extreme cutting accuracy even under the toughest conditions. This machine features a hydraulic head feed controlled by a proportional valve. These are the
February 20, 2018

Friggi Moving Table Saw – VTS

Friggi VTS Moving Table Bandsaws This bandsaw features a moving table designed specifically for cutting large aluminum plate. Completely automatic and programmable; once programmed the machine will run without operator assistance. The table-top is equipped with hydraulic spheres resulting in extremely easy movement and positioning of material allowing for both tran- sversal and longitudinal cuts.
February 20, 2018

Friggi High Speed Aluminum Cutting Bandsaw – 2MF TS HS

The Perfect Solution For Casthouse And Aluminum Cutting Centers Designed for HIGH-SPEED CUTTING plates out of aluminum slabs, the 2MF TS HS is the result of twenty years of innovation in aluminum cutting solutions. This machine's ability to cut in both vertical and horizontal plane, makes it the ideal machine for cutting large aluminum blocks
February 20, 2018

Friggi Sliding Table Bandsaw – 2MF COILS

Friggi 2MF COILS - Sliding Table Bandsaw The Friggi 2MF COILS is a sliding table bandsaw designed for Cutting Aluminum coils. Thanks to the specially designed panel, positioning and clamping of the material is done with minimal effort. The patented lubrication system will keep the material dry and prevents the deposit of oil residues. For
February 19, 2018

Friggi Aluminium Bandsaw 2MF HS

Friggi 2MF High Speed Aluminum Cutting, Dual Column Bandsaw The Friggi 2MF HS Aluminum cutting bandsaw was launched in 2016, this dual-column, horizontal and fully automatic bandsaw, is designed for high-speed cutting where high volume output is required. It provides leading-edge performance and extreme cutting accuracy even under the toughest conditions. This machine features a