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Moving Head Bandsaws

Friggi America - High Quality Bandsaws

March 20, 2018

VMC Testimonial

VISTA METALS CORP. VMC produces aluminum billets up to 42" dia and rectangular slabs up to 42" thick. Between pricing, lead time and general communication, Vista Metals was satisfied with the whole package, they (Friggi) really back their product. Charles ShepherdPlant Manager www.vistametals.com 2MF TS HS & 2MF AS HS
February 20, 2018

Friggi High Speed Bandsaw – VAS L HS

Friggi High Speed Vertical Moving Head  Bandsaw VAS L HS The VAS L HS is a vertical, high-speed bandsaw with a moving head and fixed worktable and automated backguage that is ideal for cutting large aluminum plates. The design and location of the backguage allows for easy ac- cess to the worktable when loading and
February 20, 2018

Friggi Moving Table Saw – VTS

Friggi VTS Moving Table Bandsaws This bandsaw features a moving table designed specifically for cutting large aluminum plate. Completely automatic and programmable; once programmed the machine will run without operator assistance. The table-top is equipped with hydraulic spheres resulting in extremely easy movement and positioning of material allowing for both tran- sversal and longitudinal cuts.