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About Us

FRIGGI AMERICA is the Exclusive Importer of the FRIGGI product line manufactured in Italy. Over the past 15 years, Friggi America has grown its customer base by proving time and time again that there is no substitute for the FRIGGI line of band saws and plate saws and that customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

The Gantry features a fixed table and moving head designed for cutting very large, heavy material. This machine allows for vertical, horizontal, and angle cuts without having to move the material; ideal for ingots and forgings as well as large blocks of steel. Typical application would be to cut plate horizontally from large blocks, to rough out holds to vastly reduce machining time, and more recently rough out frack blocks prior to machining.

Friggi was the first company to manufacture the large Gantry with a moveable table and rotating guides for vertical and horizontal cutting; this eliminates the need to reposition the material…a huge savings in production costs and time. This was the kick-start to an incredible growth to the Friggi product line.

More innovations and machines have followed through the years like the product line for high-speed carbide cutting, a machine dedicated to cutting O-Rings, and features such as remote monitoring, a 360 degree turntable, auto-feed control and many more.

While Friggi is fairly new to the North American market, Friggi S.r.l. manufacturing started over 70 years ago and the Friggi machines are recognized and installed in facilities world-wide.

At Friggi, we understand that nothing is more important than the relationship that we build with our clients.
Our core objective is to evaluate each clients’ application and always deliver a solution that best suits their production needs while maintaining an industry best return on investment.

Dual-column, horizontal and fully automatic bandsaws designed for cutting solid bars where high volume output is required; also capable of cutting large, heavy material.

The owner and founder of Friggi America, Ben Fuschino, with more than 20 years experience in the industry.

Having worked in sales management roles for other industrial saw manufacturing companies throughout his career before launching the Friggi America business.

Ben provides every client with the same exacting high standards of care and is keen to provide a consultative approach, ensuring each clients needs are fully met.

And it doesn’t end there.
Friggi America is keen to build solid, lasting relationships with all our clients and provide first class after sales care.

Proven technology, industry-best cutting rates, and overall quality and performance is why FRIGGI AMERICA continues to expand its reach.


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Friggi America is passionate about all our Aluminum & Steel Saws.  Get in touch and see what we can do for you.